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Season for pleasure flights

From May to October our airship takes off from Essen/Mülheim Airport for pleasure flights.
Window seats with panoramic views guaranteed!


Adults: € 319.-
Children (4-14 years): € 199.-

Duration: 1 hour

Special flights on request.

Gift vouchers available now.



WDL-OnTop-System – for our clients this means lower costs, more flexibility, reusable. You decide, whether to advertise for a few days, to accompany an event or to fly around the Ruhr region for a week or for months and reach up to 5 million people. The system is based on banner technique and due to its size of 30 x 8 meters and high mobility unrivalled in the Ruhr area
The sky is yours and yours alone


Weather-related delays led to a late start of the season for airship “Theo”.
Yet, almost 3,000 enthusiastic passengers were carried during more than 450 flight hours between May and October. Our pleasure and advertising flights went from Aachen via Arnsberg and as far as the lower Rhine in 2016.

Also advertising clients such as the Rheinische Sparkasse- und Giroverband (savings bank), WDR4 and the energy giant innogy were more than impressed with “their” airship and were happy to be part of the popular medium.

Originally “Theo” was supposed to cruise over Dusseldorf on 27 April – on time for the start of the Day of the Sparkasse in its Sparkasse-Outfit. The weather conditions made it impossible.

In 2016 the first prominent guest, at the late start of the season on 2 May, was none less than Yakov Hadas-Handelsman, Israel’s ambassador in Germany. The ambassador was very impressed by the airship and was eager to learn all the technical details.

The Volvo roadshow in the airship hangar
In 2016 the WDL airship hangar served as event location for special events for the first time.

More than 800 invited guests were enchanted by Volvo’s 27m x 27m indoor concept during the world premiere for their S90 and V90 models in May.

Successful start for illuminated night flights in 2016
On 9 June 2016 the first official illuminated night flight took place. By special permission from the local government we were able to fly over the likewise illuminated landmarks in the Ruhr area such as Zeche Zollverein and the Gasometer after 10 pm. A WDR-TV team on board accompanied the light flight – as did thousands of people on the ground.

The night flights are a fixed item in our pleasure flight program and can be booked any time.

WDR4 – the flying radio
Channel WDR4 utilized the airship for transforming its image with the help of a prize draw. Several hundreds of thousands radio listeners took this opportunity to win one of the sought-after airship tickets. The virtual WDR4 airship captain Lars Lattenkötter could not fool our chief pilot Frank Luderer in an aeronautical way. The latter kept track at all times.

JU52 at WDL’s for film shooting
The JU52 belonging to the Friends Of Historical Aircraft (Freunde historischer Luftfahrzeuge) came from Mönchengladbach to visit the airship hangar for the shooting of the 16-part TV series “Babylon/Berlin” (ARD/Sky).

Hollywood atmosphere included.

Since September WDL has been offering guided tours of the aircraft and airship hangars to non-passengers during the pleasure flight-weekends. For € 3.50 participants will receive a WDL-lanyard keychain and lots of information about the WDL-Airship history during the 45-min. guided tour.

The photo shows the airship captain Frank Luderer and the ambassador Hadas-Handelsman after the flight.

The first official night flight took place bearing the Sparkasse advertising. Photo Lars Slowak

A rare picture: Punk legend Trini Trimpop (2nd from the left), a founding member of the band “Die Toten Hosen” getting into the WDR4 airship with friends from Dusseldorf.

Innogy airship being moved back into the hangar for the last time in 2016. Photo Lars Slowak

The first Christmas concert in the airship hangar on 4 December 2016 was very well attended. Suppi Huhn und die Kinderkönige played for some 300 children in the hangar underneath the illuminated airship.

For the coming season 1,400 passengers are booked already.

The picture shows the transformed airship hangar.

The picture shows the WDR4 presenters Cathrin Brackmann and Stefan Verhasselt during a broadcast from the WDL airship in Mülheim an der Ruhr.

Shooting of the 16-part TV series “Babylon/Berlin” (ARD/Sky). Hollywood atmosphere included.

Suppi Huhn und die Kinderkönige played for some 300 children.

The advertising partners’ interest continues to be great. WDL Luftschiffgesellschaft is positive and confident about the year 2017 and looking forward to the coming season.

Considerations to move the airship to Mainz-Finthen, Hamburg Uetersen, Bonn Hangelar or Borkenberge in 2017 to offer pleasure flights there are currently under review.


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