The WDL-Group has been setting signals from Mülheim/Essen Airport into the world for 60 years.
Some of our employees are with us in the third generation!
We love to work in aviation. It not only takes people to their (holiday) destinations, it connects people.


Aviation lives on enthusiasm. Since 1969 we’ve been promoting a special kind of aviation enthusiasm from Mülheim/Essen Airport: with our airships – a landmark in the region.


October 01, 2017 the companie WDL AVIATION GmbH & Co.KG, based at Cologne / Bonn airport, were taken over by the ZEITFRACHT group, based in Berlin.


1955 strongly shaped the face of German aviation. On 29 July 1955 Theodor Wüllenkemper, who died in 2012, founded the company now known as WDL...